Dropper Protocol
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Dropper (DRO) - Deflationary DeFi Protocol with voting power
Each transaction have 10% fee of which 5% will be forever locked in liquidity pool, creating a long-way stable price-floor, and the other 5% will be instantly splited among all DRO-token holders proportionally to kept share
DRO-token holders will decide the purpose of the 2nd emission. Either, tokens can be airdroped to exisiting holders or burnt forever. You - to choose
Automated Staking
Holders automatically rewarded with the 5% fee of each transaction. There's no need to do extra actions. Simply hold DRO in wallet to recieve rewards
Seeding the Liquidity
The DRO smart contract will move 5% fee of each transaction into the Liquidity Pool, continually increasing the DRO collateral in BNB and BUSD
Intensifying the Turnover
Customer's expectation from a deflationary token depend on how large the number of holders is and how often transactions take place. To motivate users to conduct transactions with DRO more intensively, we develop a stack of Defi Modules that directly utilize DRO-tokens
Vote For Future
Dropper implements decentralized vote mechanism. Holders will decide the development destination for DRO
Dropper is differ?
There're several deflationary tokens on Binance Smart Chain. Unlike them, Dropper will have vote mechanism and advanced Defi mechanics to utilize DRO more intensively. Decreasing supply, increasing turnover speed and integrated liquidity reflection will give multiplicated price outcome*
✔ DRO Listing on BSC
✔ Freezing 66% DRO
✔ Start of Marketing
✔ Listing on pancakeswap
✔ Website creation
    Airdrop Event
Listing on Coinmarketcap
Listing on Coingecko
Decentralized Dropp Service
Smart-Contract Audit
Swopper is born
Community vote for development
Listing on exchanges
Apps for Android and iOS
Remaining DRO unlocks 2% weekly
Freezer is born
Audit for Swap and Pools
Listing on exchanges
Emission and freezing cycle
Blockchain: Binance Smart Chain
Token Name: Dropper
Token Symbol: DRO
Contract: 0x586f1AbF9AA6c28349Bd1E7B1eb68B89562CF561
Max Supply: 100,000,000,000 DRO
First Emission: 34,000,000,000 DRO (34%)*
Launch Date: 7 June 2021
Listing Conditions: all DRO-tokens will be placed into Pancakeswap LP
Amount Frozen: 66,000,000,000 (66%)
Contract Frozen: 0x7b59353d54f4ECcBb5C42eC4914BdFF77eB68142
Start of Unfreeze: 120 days after
Unfreeze Rate: 2% of frozen tokens weekly
Purpose of the Unfreeze: Burn, Distribuion, Charity, Airdrop, Re-Freeze*
*DRO-Holders will Vote to Decide the Purpose of the Unfreeze.
66% of DRO are frozen for 4 months. After that, the DRO will start defrosting by 2% weekly. DRO holders jointly decide what to do with the new DRO. Burn? Exchange? Make an Airdrop? Distribute among the holders?
All related decisions that can affect the issue, and therefore the cost, are made by the holders
The longer you hold the tokens, the more important your vote is. On the fourth month, when voting, 1 your DRO token is equivalent to 3 DROs          

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